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The Most Important Factors of Any Fitness Journey

Hello Wellness Seekers!

For any person starting out their fitness journey, it is normal to be overwhelmed by all of the available information. 

However, at the beginning, all you have to know is that there are only two things that truly transform your journey- diet and exercise. It is normal for fitness companies to either push the importance of working out or pay attention to merely your diet. However, it is only the combination of two that can help you work towards your fitness goals. In fact, did you know that for losing weight, diet contributes to 80% of the journey, while exercise is only 20% impactful?

So, essentially, hitting the gym for three hours will not do you any good if you have three large burgers for every meal. It is very important to create a diet plan that can help you attain your goals- be it gaining weight, gaining muscle, or losing weight. In fact, each of these goals call for different work out routines and different meal plans. Doing the right exercise and eating the wrong diet will not fetch you any results. Similarly, eating the right meal and doing the wrong exercises may lead to the opposite results. So it is very important to understand your fitness goals, and then, learn about the ideal combination of workout routine and diet.

Everyone knows that it is hard to prioritize time to move toward your fitness goals, So it is particularly important to get things right.   

Here’s to your growth,

Jeff Lewis

Jeff's Gym

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