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PRESS RELEASE: Grand Opening of The Jeff Effect Fitness Training Facility in Jacksonville / Avondale

New Fitness & Training Facility Set To Open In Jacksonville / Avondale


The Jeff Effect Unveils Highly Anticipated Private Fitness Studio in Avondale

Late August - Stay Tuned

3675 Park Street, Jacksonville

Jacksonville, 2023 — The Jeff Effect, a leading personal training company specializing in transformative fitness journeys, is thrilled to announce the grand opening of their state-of-the-art fitness studio on Late August - open to the public.

Located at 3675 Park Street, the eagerly awaited launch will commence with a ribbon cutting ceremony, followed by facility tours. Attendees will also have exclusive access to day-of offerings including partnerships with local businesses and discounts to services. Detailed information about the grand opening, including the schedule of events, can be found on The Jeff Effect's official website grand opening page.

Jeff Lewis, the visionary founder of The Jeff Effect, expresses his enthusiasm for this milestone, stating...

"Many of our clients come to us facing personal obstacles to health and wellness, such as demanding professional schedules, family obligations, or lack of motivation - the list goes on. We have developed effective protocols that ensure our clients successfully overcome these challenges. Our methodology emphasizes safe, trainer-led programming tailored to each client's goals and abilities, with a focus on recovery protocols and injury prevention. We provide comprehensive nutritional support, positive accountability, and flexible training options that seamlessly integrate with our clients' busy lifestyles."

Lewis continues...

"Our ultimate goal is to empower individuals to look, feel, and be healthier for the long haul. We embark on this transformative journey together, assisting them in setting attainable goals through a thorough lifestyle analysis. We then design personalized programs and facilitate training within a supportive and challenging environment that best suits their needs."

While the facility is undergoing its final stages of completion, The Jeff Effect is currently accepting new client requests for personal training assessments. Interested individuals can call 904-675-3711 or submit their requests through the designated link on the company's website. Additionally, The Jeff Effect is actively seeking to expand its team of qualified fitness professionals with a strong track record of helping clients achieve their goals. Applications can be submitted via the Careers section on their website.

The Jeff Effect's grand opening marks a significant milestone in their mission to transform lives through fitness and underscores their commitment to providing exceptional training experiences.

Join The Jeff Effect community and discover the path to a healthier, more vibrant you.

For media inquiries or further information, please contact:

Jeff Lewis, Owner

(904) 878-0683


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