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No matter your goal, we help you stay accountable and on track. We’re here to help you build a routine that works for you and get results—no excuses! Working long hours and keeping a hectic schedule doesn't mean you need to compromise your health. Our programming helps you take care of your body so you're able to focus on what life throws at you. Our commitment is to provide top-notch service and support your fitness journey in the best way possible. We focus on 5 major program components:

  • Programs that are built around your goals, ensuring a tailored fitness journey

  • Weekly in-person training, backed by our user-friendly training app

  • Nutrition coaching with a macronutrient focus

  • Monthly assessments that help us adjust and optimize your program as needed

  • 24/6 Support, we'll respond to any questions or concerns within 24 hours


Personalized  programming tailored to the individual, and one-on-one or small group training sessions to help wellness seekers achieve their fitness goals. Small Group personal training combines the benefits of individualized attention with the motivating energy of a small group setting.

Programming Includes:

  • Programs built for and adjusted to you and your goals. 

  • Weekly in-person training, 1-on-1 or in groups of 4

  • Access to training app with instruction videos, updated Monthly.

  • Monthly Assessments cardio vascular and strength

  • Calorie counting & Nutrition Coaching

  • 24/6 Support

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Experience the heart-pounding intensity of our HIIT class. Push your limits with AMRAP sets, challenge your stamina with Tabata rounds, and seize every minute with EMOM drills. Focused primarily on bodyweight movements, It's not just a workout; it's a race against the clock, and you're the champion. Get ready to conquer HIIT like never before and hit those weight loss and lean muscle goals.

Classes Include:

  • Group of 10-15

  • Unique daily workouts

  • 500-850 calorie burn per class

Workout Lesson


6 Movements, 5 rounds, 1 effective workout. Our Circuit class is the ultimate fitness experience for all levels! You'll get an intense, full-body workout including cardio vascular and strength training, that will help you build strength and endurance, all in just 30 minutes. Our expert trainers will help you perfect your form and provide modifications to keep you challenged and engaged. 

Classes Include:

  • Small group of 8-10

  • Unique daily circuit style 30 minute workouts

  • 500-850 calorie burn per class

Workout with Kettlebells


Set a Goal, make a plan, and achieve your goal. We are committed to keeping you on track, at the gym, at home, and even at the office. Mobile Programs a fantastic way to get where you want to be, where ever you are, with whatever equipment is available to you. 

Programs Include:

  • Exercise routines built for and adjusted to you and your goals. 

  • Access to training app with instruction video, updated Monthly

  • Regular assessments to ensure we are on track

  • Calorie counting & Nutrition Plan

  • Check-ins once a week

  • 24/6 Access to your coach

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Alexa Young, CA

The Jeff Effect is anything but ordinary. It's amazing how he always "knew" the right way to help when I needed it. He works with a holistic understanding of the body and helps you understand what your individual needs are. I can't recommend him enough!


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