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Group Fitness Instructor

Are you prepared to contribute significantly to the advancement of the fitness industry? The Jeff Effect, a rapidly expanding personal training enterprise located in Jacksonville, Florida, is opening Jeff’s Gym, an independent private Training studio and is actively seeking an outstanding Fitness Coach to join our dynamic team. If you possess a profound dedication to physical exercise, an abiding enthusiasm for all facets of fitness, and a resolute commitment to making a substantial impact in the realm of personal training, then we extend our invitation to you.


Role & Responsibilities:

  • Proficiency in conducting comprehensive fitness assessments, thereby discerning client fitness levels and tailoring training regimens accordingly. 

  • Capable of delivering engaging and effective individual and group fitness sessions, offering guidance and expertise to participants.

  • Regular monitoring of clients' progress, incorporating motivating reassessments and modifications to training plans.

  • Expertise in adjusting exercise regimens to accommodate individual needs, injuries, and dietary requirements.

  • Exemplary communication skills, adept at effectively conveying complex fitness concepts and instructions.

  • Proficient handling of nutrition-related inquiries and provision of tailored nutritional guidance, including meal planning and caloric management.

  • Promotion of training packages and plans to clients, elucidating their benefits and suitability.

  • Adherence to safety and hygiene guidelines, fostering a clean and secure training environment.Willingness to undertake additional responsibilities as assigned.

  • Demonstrated commitment to a lifestyle deeply rooted in physical exercise, underscored by a comprehensive understanding of fitness principles.

  • Proficiency in administering first aid and CPR as necessary..



  • A High School Diploma or GED

  • Current CPR/AED certification.

  • A Personal Training Certification from a recognized accrediting institution (e.g., NASM, ACE).

  • Familiarity with Trainerize or analogous Personal Training Software.

  • Prior experience as a Personal Trainer or in an equivalent role.

  • Proficiency in developing exercise plans catering to individual fitness levels and goals.

  • Strong communication abilities, capable of conveying instructions clearly and professionally.

  • Effective motivational skills, inspiring clients through encouragement and positive reinforcement.



The role is designed for independent contractors and is structured exclusively on a commission-based model.


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